Dale McIver

Dale is a born and raised Territorian who has resided in Alice Springs her entire life. Dale has worked within the tourism industry for more then 20 years and is very well-known and connected within the industry.

Dale’s current positions include:
Chairperson – Tourism Central Australia (TCA)
Commissioner – Tourism Northern Territory
Board Member – Chamber of Commerce Central Australia
Dale has held a variety of business positions that have assisted her in gaining experience with commercial business acumen. Having a solid understanding of business operations and a focus on the business’ key objectives will lead to solid decision making. Recognising the challenges, assessing the relevant options and formulating a viable and sensible course of action to ensure a business progresses is imperative.

Regional economic development plays a crucial role in the ongoing growth of the tourism industry. Attracting new investment into regional areas is vital to assist the existing business community and overall economy. There needs to be a strong regional economy to help attract this investment into the regions.

In her role as Chairperson of Tourism Central Australia and Board Member of Tourism Northern Territory, Dale keeps well abreast of the challenges facing the region with a particular focus on the aviation access. It is one of the biggest challenges facing tourism sector growth in Central Australia as well as being a hot topic in relation to cost of air access.

Regional economic development is fundamental to the ongoing success of the tourism industry. Building a strong industry with solid ongoing growth is a must when seeking new investment and bring able to prove the worth to developers.

Supporting current small to medium and multi-national operators in their existing business is vital to ensure their continued growth as established business with “skin in the game” and reputations that help to grow the Industry.

Dale is a very open and honest person. She is respectful of others, trustworthy and accountable for her actions.

In 2015, Dale was awarded the NT Tourism Brolga award as the most outstanding individual employee. Dale considers this award and recognition from the Industry and her peers was very humbling.

Dale’s commitment to the Tourism Industry is testament to her future vision of seeing Central Australia and the Northern Territory continue to grow and become the go to destination for travellers seeking new and unique experiences. She strongly believes that as an Industry we can work better together to achieve this and is very keen to be a key part of this journey.