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Australian Regional Tourism’s 124 members include Local Government Associations, Local Tourism Associations, Regional and State Tourism Organisations, Visitor Information Centres, regional tourism operators and tourism consultants.

ART continues to generate direct measurable benefits and indirect benefits for all members. The achievements and activity that have led to direct member benefits during 2016/17 include:

  •  ART designed, secured funding for and managed a project that produced the first national data  on local government’s involvement and financial support for regional tourism. This information is critical to help leverage ongoing support for local government to continue to drive tourism at the local level
  •  ART delivered what delegates stated in formal feedback as the best annual Australian Regional Tourism Convention  ever, with record sponsorship, record attendance and record high satisfaction with the program. Members receive a lower rate to attend and greater access to influence ART’s priorities for the next year
  •  Forming a major project funding submission to develop agritourism across Australia. Using the company’s partnerships with the National Farmers Federation and the Australian Local Government Association, ART believe that the company can attract major funding that will directly assist regions to develop agritourism product and experiences in 2018

The achievements and activity that have led to indirect member benefits during 2016/17 include:

  •  Lobbying the Commonwealth Government for a 2030 Tourism Policy/Strategy to address the long term issues that most affect regional economies, such as communications and other infrastructure
  •  Generating submissions relating to regional tourism needs, for Commonwealth Government issues, including the backpacker tax 245 Visas, skills and labour shortages, the Northern Australia Initiative, Austrade planning days and Tourism Ministers Meetings
  •  Joining and now providing a regional tourism perspective at the National Tourism Forecasting panel, which has included lobbying to keep key monitoring going and further investigate improved monitoring for some patchy areas across Australia
  •  Convening advisory meetings with all the State Tourism Organisations and Regional Tourism Organisations, to seek integration of policy, planning and ideas
  •  Presenting the needs and opportunities of regional tourism at the NSW and Australian Local Government Conferences


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