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Destination management


Best practice Destination Management is a holistic process that ensures tourism adds value to the economy, social fabric and ecology of our communities. Tourism can be an economic driver, generating jobs and contributing vibrant lifestyle benefits to our communities. But equally tourism needs to be managed to ensure that it leaves a positive legacy for current and future generations. Importantly the tourism sector needs to ensure that it is considered in the broader context of regional development and that it is recognised for its overall contribution and economic value to the region.

When it comes to Destination Management, Australian Regional Tourism offers its members the following resources:

The Guide to Best Practice Destination Management – a practical guide for those working at the coal face of tourism destination management

Click here to download the Guide



A list of tourism planning consultants that could be approached to assist

Click here for the list of the consultants

Click here to download the expanded brief for a tourism plan
Click here to download the small budget brief for a tourism plan