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Local Government

In October 2016, Australian Regional Tourism commissioned DBM Consultants to undertake research into the ‘Local Government Spend on Tourism’. More than 250 of the 561 councils who were invited to take part (or 46% of councils in regional Australia) contributed to the research which was published in early 2017.

The highlights of the research indicate nationally, that the annual investment on tourism initiatives and programs from Local Government is over $373 million with $250 million being invested by the regional and remote Local Governments.

The research quantifies the important role local government plays in supporting Australia’s tourism industry through events and services such as visitor information centres, festivals, promotion, marketing and tourism development. Local Government themselves realise the important role they play, as indicated in the research with 9 in 10 agreeing tourism offered future economic development opportunities.

Click here to download a copy of the Local Government Spend on Tourism study