Tourism research

There is a wealth of regional tourism research available from a number of sources. These include:


Tourism Research Australia

Tourism Research Australia (TRA) provides access to in-depth research and a range of reports that support decision making, tourism grants and tourism funding applications, marketing and tourism industry performance.

The International Visitor Survey (IVS) and National Visitor Surveys (NVS) are managed by TRA. The IVS samples 40,000 departing, short-term international travellers aged 15 years and over who have been visiting Australia. The NVS surveys via the phone approximately 120,000 Australian residents aged 15 years and over. These surveys provide us with important variables such as domestic visitor spend, demographics, travel party, etc.

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State and Territory Organisations

The respective State and Territory Organisations also deliver state-specific statistical data and analysis to assist the tourism industry. To find out more, click on the respective links below: