Who are we

Regional tourism is a vital sector of the Australian economy and key to the sustainability and vibrancy of many of our communities.  Tourism Research Australia reports that nearly half of the nation’s tourism expenditure (46% or $107 billion) occurs in regional Australia.  In addition, regional tourism directly employs over half a million people (534,000) in tourism related industries, which is more Australians than mining and more than forestry, agriculture and fishing combined.


Creating authentic and immersive experiences is key
to growing regional tourism

Australian Regional Tourism Ltd (ART) was established to re-balance an increasing focus on tourism in urban capital cities. ART is the peak body that represents regional tourism practitioners and acts as a hub for collaboration, cooperation, ideas generation, knowledge sharing, networking and more.  On behalf of its members, ART promotes sustainable regional development through regionally focused research, destination management planning, product development, marketing and the development of skilled human resources.

The ART Mission is to develop regional Australia through building competitive tourism

The core business of ART is to:

  • Inspire and enable the development of product and experiences
  • Create and transfer market intelligence and capacity
  • Create and promote empowering policy and programs